Two different codelists are named "CL_AGE" in "EDU_NON_FINANCE" data structure definition

url call: This yields two different codelists with the name "CL_AGE" (see below). Apparently the first one is not properly tagged. {'id': 'CL_AGE', 'name': 'Age', 'codes': [{'code': 'Y', 'description': 'Year(s)'}, {'code': 'M', 'description': 'Month(s)'}, {'code': 'W', 'description': 'Week(s)'}, {'code': 'D', 'description': 'Day(s)'}, {'code': 'H', 'description': 'Hour(s)'}]} --- {'id': 'CL_AGE', 'name': 'Age', 'codes': [{'code': 'Y_LT15', 'description': 'Less than 15 years'}, {'code': 'Y_GE65', 'description': '65 years and over'}, {'code': 'Y0T1', 'description': '0-1 years'}, {'code': '_T', 'description': 'Total'}, {'code': 'Y15T24', 'description': '15-24 years'}, {'code': 'Y25T64', 'description': '25-64 years'}, {'code': 'Y_GE15', 'description': '15 years and over'}, {'code': 'Y_GE25', 'description': '25 years and over'}, {'code': 'Y_GE50', 'description': '50 years and over'}, {'code': 'TH_ENTRY_AGE', 'description': 'Official entrance age'}, {'code': 'SCH_AGE_GROUP', 'description': 'School-age population'}, {'code': 'UNDER_AGE', 'description': 'Under age'}, {'code': 'OVER_AGE', 'description': 'Over age'}, (...)


    The 2 CL_AGE code list have different agencies: SDMX and UNESCO. The one used in the data structure, which is the one you want to use, is the UNESCO one. The reason why the SDMX one is being returned is because of the keyword 'references=all' and the SDMX:CL_AGE code list is refrenced by the SDMX:AGE concept. I suggest using 'references=children' instead which will return only one CL_AGE and a smaller message.
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 07 Nov 2019 21:05:30 GMT
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 07 Nov 2019 21:07:57 GMT

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