API Limit calls

Hello, I am a developer and I can't find a way to get other product than "Starter", the 100 calls/hour seems a bit small, I have registered my application with Unesco and it has been approved, does that mean that I have a bigger limit now? is there any way to increase to 100 calls/hour limit? Thanks Regards Roberto Alvarez


    Hello, The starer subscription is the only subscription level currently provided. Please provide more details on where your applicaiton is hitting the limit so that we understand your needs better and offer a suiatable alternative. Please bear in mind the the API is designed for applicaitons that directly connect and consume the API and not for ones that require bulk downloading and pre-processing. Best
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 20 Dec 2017 14:30:44 GMT
    Hello, the 5 calls/second seems very reasonable but the 100 calls/hour seems a bit small, at the moment I am not hitting the limit as my application is still under testing but I am just worry to hit the limit as 100 calls/hour seems easy to reach, I would like to know that if I hit the limit it would be possible to increase that limit and how long would it take to increase that limit, can you please let me know about that. My application does not do bulk downloading or pre-processing, it just querys as per user request and users can only do one query at the time. Regards Roberto Alvarez
    Posted by Hidden Thu, 21 Dec 2017 03:40:02 GMT

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